The Best NHL Live Streaming Sites for 2023: Watch Your Favorite Teams Online

With the NHL season right around the corner, fans are looking for ways to watch their favorite teams. While cable and Satellite TV packages offer some options, they can be costly and may not include everything you want.

NHL Live Streaming Sites

Fortunately, there are workaround ways to watch NHL games online without spending much money. This blog post will explore the seven most visited free sites that offer NHL streaming in 2023. From official team websites to third-party platforms, there are plenty of ways to catch all the action without breaking your account.

Tips to Access Boxing Streaming Websites For Free:

  1. Free live-streaming websites may use third-party servers and collect viewer data
  2. To access these sites safely It’s recommended to use a quality VPN like NordVPN
    The trick to getting the VPN for free is to use 30 Days Money Back Guarantee
  3. Download and Install the VPN
  4. Connect to Countries like Switzerland or Finland
  5. Access the site Securely and enjoy NHL LIVE

How Does Free Live-Steaming Work

Platforms can generally provide free live streams to viewers in two ways: purchasing the broadcasting rights or hosting the stream on a server and broadcasting it openly without rights. Some free live-streaming websites do purchase rights and broadcast sports matches without fear of being censored.

However, most of the websites offering free live streams use third-party servers. This way, some sites collect data from viewers like their IP Addresses, Location, etc., and monetize their streams with targeted ads containing.

Though streaming from free sites can be a great way to save money; however, we always advise our readers to use a VPN and follow the top cybersecurity tips -your VPN and cyber security habits will allow you to access the internet freely.

Top Sites To Stream National Hockey League Live

It’s pretty rare to find websites that provide free live streams to National Hockey League worldwide without geo-restrictions. So, in this list of our top seven picks, we have chosen sites that provide hosted streams and links to watch live hockey matches. However, care should be taken on ensuring to use a VPN if you’re in a geo-restricted area.

Some sites mentioned in this list may offer content without streaming rights, So to ensure you don’t get penalized, it’s best to choose a military-grade encryption VPN. With that in check, let’s move on to our list of the best NHL streaming sites.

1. NHLBite


NHLBite is a free site that offers live streams of all NHL games around the globe. There is no sign-up required, and users can watch up to four games simultaneously. In addition, to live games, NHLBite also provides a live score count of ongoing hockey matches.

The UI is pretty straightforward and does not mislead viewers into frequently clicking ads. The website originates in Reddit NHL streams, so most of the streams provided on NHLBite are from subreddits dedicated to providing live hockey matches for free.

The Ads ratio is decent -you won’t get flustered frequently with advertisements, though you have to watch ads but they’re very minimal. Also, stream quality varies; sometimes, you may get to watch HD, while sometimes, you may even get low-quality streams.

  • No SignUp Required
  • 4 Simultaneous Devices
  • Live Score Count
  • Advertisments
  • Varying Stream Quality

2. NHL WebCast

nhl webcast

NHL Webcast is by far the best site you can visit to watch live NHL games for free. This website allows viewers to watch every live game for free, including the pre-season and regular-season hockey games. The most important feature is that NHL Webcast isn’t geo-blocked anywhere, -so you can practically watch live streams from wherever you are in the world.

All matches from NHL leagues are live-streamed here; the stream quality is HD, and you can even stream in 4K resolution -you can do this without signing up. There are also features to sort live streams by team matches. And allow viewers to stream on-demand past matches, meaning you can binge-watch all the games of your favorite team.

Though you have to view ads to watch live streams; However, you can kill ads by purchasing a subscription or using a VPN to block them altogether.

  • Pre-Season & Regular-Season Matches
  • Nowhere Geo-Blocked
  • HD & 4K Streams Without Account
  • On-Demand Matches
  • Advertisments

3. NHL Live Stream

nhl live stream

NHL Live stream is another site you can opt for if the above website doesn’t work for some reason. Apart from Live streams and standings, there are no additional features provided. However, it is worth mentioning that if you want to enjoy free live NHL games with the least ads, NHL Live Stream is what you need.

The UI is pretty simple; visiting the site will show a matching panel that displays ongoing matches. Clicking on your desired match will redirect you to that live stream respectively. You get to stream nearly all ongoing hockey events. Also, stream quality is decent, so don’t have high expectations like 4K streams.

It is mentioned on their site that they do not host live streams -All the streams on NHL Live Streams are hosted on third-party providers.

  • Live Streams Only
  • Team Standings
  • Least Ads in This List
  • Advertisements
  • Third PArty Streams
  • Decent Stream Quality

4. FirstRowSports


FirstRowSports is another one of the most popular free streaming platforms for live sports games, the website provides exactly 50 links to stream NHL games. However, it has not been mentioned anywhere on their website if they cover all NFL games or not.

Apart from that, FirstRowSports has an active community forum for hockey lovers to discuss the matches and share their love for the sport. Live streaming links are generally provided 45-30 minutes before the match; links are updated regularly, and dead ones are replaced, so you only find active streaming links.

Apart from Hockey, the website covers live streams of other sports as well, -like football, rugby, UFC, and many more.

  • 50 Live Streaming Link
  • Active Community Forum
  • Active Link 45-30 Minutes Before Match
  • Advertisments
  • May Be Blocked in Some Regions

5. RoboSports (NHL66)


RoboSports is a renamed version of NHL66, a popular free live-stream provider for National Hockey League games. RoboSports provides high-quality streams of all NHL games, so you can follow your favorite team and players without missing a minute of the action. The site is easy to use, and you can start watching live games within minutes.

Though you get good stream resolution, you do have to view lots of ads for streaming live hockey games. Also, the newly designed site only provides live streams via an in-built video player, -so you don’t have to worry about third-party redirection.

The downside of RoboSports is that more than 23 percent of the time, the traffic is overloaded -resulting in buffering and stream crashes.

  • HD Streams
  • Quick Stream Access
  • In-Built Video Player
  • Tons of Ads
  • Considerable Stream Crashes
  • May be Blocked in Some Countries



Sports Plus is a decent option for viewers looking to stream ongoing live NHL matches. The UI of the website is kind of complex –new viewers will find it difficult to navigate throughout the site. However, you will get links to watch live streams on SPORTS PLUS.

The website also offers match highlights, player stats as well as team setup; this allows you to know the overall performance of your favorites and compare them against the competing team. The stream quality is quite decent -you won’t get to watch HD matches.

Also, the site doesn’t use HTTPS, not to mention that frequent advertisements and popups will devastate your streaming experience, so it is recommended to use a secure ad-blocking VPN. Links for live streams are most of the time active and are provided 20 minutes before the match.

  • Match Highlights
  • Player Stats & Team Setup
  • Active Links 20 Minutes Before the Match
  • Decent Stream Quality
  • No HTTPS
  • Frequent Advertisements



Bosscast is a simple, streamlined live stream link-providing site that offers a great selection of games from across the league. It allows viewers to watch live ongoing matches at any given time. However, bosscast does not support match replays -you can only watch live matches.

There is also a live community forum that gets activated when watching live streams, so viewers watching the same game can share their thoughts and opinions with each other. Also, Bosscast provides the schedule for upcoming NHL matches so that you don’t miss your favorite match.

Stream quality varies with match-to-match as games are hosted on third-party servers. Ads and pop-ups may downgrade the streaming experience. Also, it is reported by some users that some links have traces of malware and viruses -it’s best to use Bosscast when having a strong VPN connection.

  • Live Matches Only
  • Community Forum
  • Upcoming Match Schedules
  • Varying Stream Quality
  • Third Party Streaming
  • Ads & PopUps
  • Links May Contain Malware

Is Free Live-Streaming Worth It?

These sites use streaming software that allows users to watch live content from their desktop or mobile devices; These websites are usually free to use, but some of them provide low-quality videos full of advertisements. It can be hit-or-miss due to the website’s low-quality streams and inconsistent bandwidth usage.

Television networks and cable companies usually own the rights to stream live sporting events. As free live-streaming sites become more popular, –network owners have started blocking these sites. Moreover, some states have laws that restrict how often copyrighted content can be streamed without permission from the copyright holder.

So, using these websites with a secure VPN connection is surely worth it -you won’t have to worry about being censored by your ISP, bypassing NHL Blackouts, or accessing geo-blocked content.

How VPNs help bypass NHL blackout?

When you connect to a VPN, it routes your internet traffic through a server in your chosen location. This is a major benefit when trying to bypass NHL blackouts; it allows you to spoof your location and make it appear as if you’re somewhere else.

For e.g., By connecting to a server in Canada or another country where there are no blackouts, You can stream any match you want without any restrictions.

How VPNs Assure Security on Live-Streaming Sites?

With a VPN, your traffic is secured with AES encrypted tunnel to a server operated by the VPN company. From there, it then connects to the public internet. This masks your IP address and makes it much harder to identify you online.

A VPN also encrypts all of the traffic between your device and the VPN server, making it impossible for anyone on the same network as you -like a coffee shop Wi-Fi or your ISP, to snoop on what you’re doing. That means your ISP can’t throttle your connection or sell your browsing data to third parties.


With this note, there you have your list of the top seven websites to live stream NHL for free. Also, visiting free streaming sites isn’t always safe, so you must make sure to take proper action to safeguard your online presence. Enjoy the upcoming NHL season and show your full support to your favorite team.


1. What is the quality of the live streams offered by these websites?

It is difficult to get high-quality video streams with low bandwidth, apart from some websites -most free streaming sites have low bandwidth and may not be able to deliver video at the same resolution or frame rate as higher bandwidth streams.

2. What is the minimum requirement to watch live NHL games?

A VPN connection will help you out with the majority of problems -including blackout bypassing, geo-restriction bypassing, Ad-blocking as well as malware blocking. So, VPN is the minimum requirement to safely stream live NHL matches.

3. Can a VPN really block ads and malware?

Yes, a VPN blocks ads and malware by routing your internet traffic through a secure server and encrypting it, It will protect you from malicious websites and unwanted ads on your device.

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