How Important Is your online Privacy in 2023?

Are you sure about your online privacy? Do you know that you are sharing your data with the companies through using their software (might be anything Facebook, WhatsApp, games, etc)? But, is your data be with them, safe? What if they put your data into the wrong person. Come on.. we are in a digital world where security breaches are everywhere.

Online Privacy

You should be concerned more about privacy, while regulations have been changing (updating). Your sensitive data shouldn’t be misused at any cost. So, in this guide, we will focus more on data privacy and its importance in today’s world.

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Your online privacy is at risk⚠, all your online activities are being tracked by your ISP, Government, etc. Attackers are looking for vulnerabilities to get your data. Protect your online privacy with NordVPN, Avast Antivirus, and NordPass now. They will ensure your identity is hidden, provides you the ability to unblock sites or streaming services. Guard you against malware, viruses, attackers, etc. Credentials are keys to personal information (lock them safely in a single encrypted application).

What data is being collected from you.

Many of your online activities will leave a trace, whether it may be your browsing data includes all of your online activities (browsing, searches, websites visited, actions made, etc) or it might your phone data containing sensitive information.

Still, the list of scenarios where user data is collected is growing. Also, there are many cases where some company system apps and built-in apps collecting data (stored in your devices). We are not sure whether this data is being shared with other companies or not.

Some companies will bluff you, saying we are collecting this to improve user experience. Later in news, you will find “Stolen data of Million users leaked online” and “How data breach affects users”. But, we want to ensure this shouldn’t be the case for you.

Still, if you don’t care about your privacy. Look at the importance once…

Importance of online Privacy

You should have the ability to control over who can access your personal information. Instead of being a puppet under any company.

  • Privacy helps you in protecting your information either it may be sensitve or in sensitive.
  • Privacy is closely bound with Freedom- You will have your own free will- If your data in not in someones hand.
  • Ensures your safety all the time (Physically or Mentally), by blocking other persons tracking your information.
  • Provides you the ability to share your feelings to the right person (who you intend to share).
  • Privacy can protect you as an individual or family or business against the entities that are stronger (powerful) than you.

I hope, your thoughts about privacy importance have changed by now. This isn’t the end yet.

Can you still maintain online Privacy.

Privacy is a gift for all. But, it is under threat now. Some governments are posing restrictions on users to not use this, that. Countries like China, Iran, North Korea, the US, even we are still under the surveillance umbrella.

While some agencies like NSA want to put an end to privacy, without that everyone can be easily controlled, manipulated, can be threatened, will lose control over personal life.

But still, we have good news with hope, companies like VPNs, Antivirus, technologies are working hard to improve user privacy at any cost.

Note: Keep in mind that Data Privacy is not the same as Data Security

To properly protect your data, you need to attain both Data Privacy & Data Security. Though these two things are much similar they aren’t.

Data Privacy

This signifies more about the rights of Individuals, organizations should seek only the information that they are allowed to subject to user’s notice. This is more concerned about how companies collect the data & transmit (end-to-end encryption), informing the user prior, the type of data being collected.

Once the user agrees to the privacy terms (allowing companies to collect data)

Data Security

Data Security is about protecting your data from malicious threats, viruses, or breaches. Data Security is concerned about protecting your valuable and sensitive data (blocking unauthorized access to your data).

There are several tools available to attain Data security like Firewalls, Antivirus, security practices, password protectors, etc.

Though these words are difficult to distinguish. Any failure in security or privacy will lead to the loss of your personal data ultimately. So, you need to ensure both

How do you protect your online privacy.

Though there are several ways to boost your privacy. As we have discussed earlier (need to ensure both Data security & privacy).

  • VPNs :- Keep your oline activities hidden from your ISP or Government or any third person.
  • Antivirus :- Keep your data secure from any kind of breaches or attacks.
  • Password Managers :- Offers guarenteed protection against cyber attacks and keys to your personal details.

With all these, you can attain complete privacy.

How VPNs Can help in protecting your online privacy

Services like Google, Amazon, Flipkart, Facebook will track your website visits and match what you search with the Ad. This won’t be the case when you use a VPN (Virtual Private Network) for your online privacy. Privacy is not always given (you have to choose it). VPNs services like NordVPN will block the tracking of ISP, Government, or any other app what you are doing online.

They make it a dream to track your location. While you can choose any server location let’s say London (you will be assigned with Server IP), No one can track you. Even after main trails, attackers attack the assigned IP not your actual IP.

There are ample benefits of using a VPN than you think…By hiding your IP & encrypting your traffic using tough protocols like OpenVPN, WireGuard, IPSec, L2TP, SSL, TLS, etc. Besides protection VPNs will also give you the ability to torrent (get files for free) and unblock blocked websites.

Even they can unblock the geo-blocked content on streaming services like Netflix, Amazon Prime, Hulu, Disney+, BBC iPlayer, and many more for you. A reliable Kill Switch on your VPN will ensure that your identity will be still hidden (even if the connection drops).

NordVPN: Online Privacy Protector

How Important Is your online Privacy in 2023?
  • 5500+ servers in 62+ Countries
  • Double VPN feature with onion over VPN (toughest privacy)
  • Unlimited bandwidth without any restrictions
  • Unlimited P2P/Torrenting anonymously with dedicated P2P servers
  • Unblocks International content on services Netflix, Hulu, Prime, HBO, iPlayer, Disney+ and Amazon Prime.
  • Built in ad-blocker & malware detector
  • Reliable kill switch
  • Truely Anonymous (No Logs)
  • 1 Month Refund program

How Antivirus protect your online privacy

The next tools on the line for online privacy are antiviruses. Antivirus like Avast is made for privacy (truly believes privacy is the fundamental human right) offering both data security and data privacy for your browsers.

No matter! how careful you are (your personal information will be in danger). This antivirus offers free encryption tools for your browser. So that no one can read or understand what’s there even if it is in the wrong person’s hand.

Cyberattacks are occurring frequently injecting malware in the targetted devices, so you should be ready with the tools (security) to defend against the hacker. Avast Secure browser automatically encrypts your data (only for supported websites).

Avast internet security will provide you the additional benefits (seeking deeper privacy).

  • Inetlligent Threat Detection: An additional layer of ransomware protection for your senitive data (photos, files, etc).
  • Avoid Fake Websites: Phising has been the trend for attackers to steal credentials & passwords
  • Spot Scam emails: You have witnessed emails like “You have won 1cr on lottery“, all such kind of spam mail will be blocked.
  • Firewall: Additional to all these, avast also provides firewall (strong gatekeeper) to prevent unauthorized access.

Here are the layers of protection that Avast Internet Security offers (Basic to Advanced features)

FirewallIntelligent AntivirusPasswordsPassive Mode
Anti-SpamCyberCaptureDND Mode
Real SiteBehavior ShieldBrowser Cleanup
Wi-Fi InspectorSmart Scan, Sandbox

How Password Manager protect your online privacy

There are high chances of forgetting your account password (if you have multiple accounts on different platforms). If you save the password on your browser (anyone can track the cookies and get them). A password manager will keep all of your passwords secure (also helps in maintaining unique passwords for each account).


Dashline is one such of them, free & powerful tool that types your passwords (Autofill) to save your time. You will also get instant alerts on its app (when some site is suffering from any breach).

You don’t need to create a password, it can generate a stronger password for you. Backup all your passwords in one place (across your devices).


NordPass is another password manager that enables you to log in to a website with a single click. You can access your credentials across any device (even when you are offline). This password manager is audited by Cure53 & used an encryption algorithm to protect your valuable information.

NordVPN cybersecurity experts brought this for you, so you can trust without any doubts. Offering infinite storage, instant access with one click, never ever forget your password. You can also complete your online transaction quicker & safer (storing the credit card details for checkout).

It does more than you think to make your life simpler right from filling your passwords automatically, share the passwords you want, store more than passwords, protect your vault with biometric.


Online privacy is the freedom that individuals should focus on. Companies should respect user privacy, but again there will be breaches everywhere. So, make sure you don’t fall into this category by protecting your privacy with the tools like NordVPN, Avast, and password managers.

Stay anonymous and enjoy your online freedom (do whatever you want).

FAQs Related to Online Privacy

Why does the right to Online Privacy Matter Now?

Online privacy is getting violated by governments, ISP’s, and companies. But advancements in technology (tools) can also ensure your privacy & get you the freedom you deserve in this digital era.

Online Privacy & Security are the Same?

Though they are closely related, they are different. Security is all about protecting your data from threats, malware, or breaches. Whereas online privacy is focused on the use and governance of personal data. An increase in online activities in recent times increases the threat to online privacy.

Can VPNs ensure my online privacy?

There is no doubt that VPNs can ensure your online privacy to the extent you want. Basically, they will assign you a server IP (So no one can track your activities) and then encrypt all the traffic to route them through servers. Due to this encryption (very tough to break), no one can understand it (even if some have your data).

What’s the role of Antivirus for my online privacy?

VPNs only work with traffic, but when you try to download something (contains a virus) they will block them. Also, they will alert you whether the website is real or fake before you notice (protect your details from being lost). Comes with an ad-blocker, history cleaning, keep you safe from all kind of malware breaches.