How do ad-free websites make money?

You might have in mind how the website owner earns money. Here are a few of methods how these ad-free sites make money.

How do ad-free websites make money
How do ad-free websites make money

In this article, I will cover

  1. Types of websites that you need to know
  2. How do ad-free websites make money
  3. Websites-that-sell-personal-data
  4. How-to-know-which-website-is-safe
  5. FAQs
  6. Conclusion

Wanted to know the Trick?? But before going to the next step, let’s know what are the type of websites that you need to know

Types of websites that you need to know

From start-ups to global brands, organizations use websites as one of their best communication tools. For this reason, website design has become a crucial part of every business’ online presence. Today, I want to present to you the different types of websites available.

Types of websites
Types of websites

1.) Ecommerce website

One of the most demanding or I will say trending in business is an e-commerce website, where you can build your website and convince or attract the customer to buy the product which they are showing in their catalog. Either you can pay online or you can pay at the time of cash on delivery.

2.) Portfolio website

Guys if you have a skill but don’t have a platform to showcase your skills then a portfolio website will surely do that work for you. Portfolio websites are websites that contain the creations and work of an individual, instead of offering web design services to clients. It is a common misconception that portfolio sites are only for designers.

But in fact, anyone who wants to show off their creative talents, be it writers, photographers, or developers.

3.) Educational Website

Educational websites are used to teach, inform or train customers and prospects about a product or service. The content on these types of websites is usually in the form of courses, videos, or white papers. Aside from the information provided via these channels, educational websites typically provide customer testimonials and reviews on their offerings.

One of the best examples of Educational websites is Byjus.

4.) Business website

A business website or corporate website is an online presence of a company that is involved in any kind of business activity. Almost all kinds of businesses will have at least a basic website functioning and available on the web that can be reached by people who are interested in knowing more about them.

Most layouts of corporate websites have the same appearance, but they are all arranged in such a way that they attract different kinds of people.

If you have a question in your mind which website is safe to use? Then you don’t have to worry because I’m going to tell you.


Let’s know.

How do ad-free websites make money?

Wanted to know? Hey we go

1. Selling digital products

In the digital field, You have probably been seen through their Instagram profile or any social media platform they are promoting their digital products. Digital products like bloggers sell their secrets behind good blogging, or an SEO specialist sells the digital product of the ” How to rank your website in first page” ebook

It can be anyone who sells his skills through a digital platform.

Selling digital products
Selling digital products

2. Affiliate marketing

Affiliate marketing is essentially a program that rewards affiliates for each visitor or customer they refer to a particular service. It’s a type of performance-based marketing where affiliates are paid based on the action or profit margin.

The individual referring the affiliate is called an affiliate marketer and is also responsible for creating sales commissions through “sell” follow-ups, email campaigns, web promotions, and other ways we can engage with customers. If I tell you that my friend earns 767$ from the Hubspot website through affiliate marketing.

Affiliate marketing
Affiliate marketing

3. Accepting donations

You’re probably thinking “this is super cool but I don’t have $$$ to be donating“. And that’s fine because most websites that are ad-free rely on donations and other people enjoying the site enough that they value it as something. It’s as simple as that.

These sites usually have a sidebar, donate button, or something of the sort which you can use to help support the needy ones. Donately one of the examples of this


4. Offering service

Offering service skills is becoming boom day by day. You can sell your skills and offer your service through the website and in return you receive your payment.

You can promote it on

  1. Zoom
  2. Freelancing
  3. Affiliate marketing
  4. Web landing page promoted on social media

5. Selling products

You’ve probably landed on a website that has some awesome content and an e-commerce store. The content is free of ads and the store offers you its best products at competitive prices. You benefit from the free content by coming back again and again and buying an item or two from their store.

You can good amount of money with little investment. According to Dropshipiness, people earn 30$ to 100$ per month on an average basis.

Selling products
Selling products

6. Newsletters

Free is great, but at some point, you have to pay the bills. Making money from a website is challenging, but there are many viable options that you can consider. One option is to start a newsletter. It’s not easy though — newsletters can be expensive to implement and grow in size,

BUT they do provide a major source of revenue or traffic. And they don’t have a crappy clickthrough rate!

7. Selling website

If you’ve ever been curious about how sites make money without displaying ads, you should learn more about it. There are a few different ways that we can make money without using advertisements. Getting paid by selling websites. These methods have been successful for me in the past and I’m sure they will continue to be great options going forward.

They sell the website by setting the bidding price.

Websites that sell personal data?

It’s interesting that personal details can be sold to the highest bidder. Hopefully you have checked up on your information on the internet and made sure that personal, private data does not fall into the wrong hands. Overall, whether people like it or not, this is happening and will continue to happen for quite some time!

It used to be the case that individuals with access to personal data had little motivation to get online, beyond perhaps the occasional Facebook scroll. Nowadays, however, a growing number of websites are tracking your private information, and using it to sell you products. A few years ago it might have been difficult for some consumers to find such websites; now, finding them is a matter of minutes.

Websites like shopify,Facebook, Tiktok,etc track your information use for their own purpose either you will see the ads by them or you will be tracked in every step in Gmail.

How to Know which website is safe?

Sometimes, it can be quite difficult to know whether a website is safe or not. How can you tell if a site is safe, or if it’s a phishing site? This is important because you’ll want to know so you can protect your personal info and practice safe online shopping.

How to Know which website is safe?
How to Know which website is safe?

1.) SSL certificate

A website with HTTPS:// in front of the URL is SSL encrypted. This means your website visitors (that’s you) can send their contact information, passwords, and even credit card details to your website safely over the Internet. SSL secures your connection and eliminates hacker sniffing on public Wi-Fi hotspots.

If you don’t find HTTPS then it’s risky for you people if you share your information.

2.) Look for reviews

Have you ever noticed that if a website looks very sketchy you would prefer not to purchase from them? But if a website looks professional, then you’re more likely to buy from them. But how do you tell which website is safe? You go read reviews. It’s as simple as that. You look at the reviews and see what people are saying about the website. If they’re not good, then you don’t purchase.

If they are, though, then you know the site is probably safe to use.

3.) Find contact information

Everyone has heard stories of people getting robbed while getting money out of a banking ATM. I’m going to tell you a story about a friend of mine whose data was hacked from a website she signed up for. This will emphasize our primary point: It doesn’t matter how trustworthy something looks, it pays to find the contact information for that company and verify for yourself whether or not you can trust them.

4.) Analyze the website design

If you start to see the website design is not very good, that could mean the site isn’t built by an experienced professional. Also, if the design looks unprofessionally made, it might be a fake one. If you check the web address and found it doesn’t end with .com or .net. It could be a sure sign of a scam site. And if the company is called “Free” or “Million,” that’s also a red flag.

5.) View ownership

Are you confused about which website is safe to purchase from? How do you know if the business is real? Would you like to be able to tell whether the website is legit or not? The best way to verify ownership is by comparing it to other Domain Name Registrations. This usually isn’t enough because most criminals are smart and use a fake addresses.


Is it easy to earn money online?

It is possible to earn money online, but it’s not easy. We all like quick results, but sometimes when it comes to making money on the internet you have to take the long road if you wish to maintain your freedom.

How to know which website is safe to visit?

It is not easy to find which is safe and which is not but still, you can take an idea by checking the grammar mistakes, or by analyzing what type of questions they are asking, or you can visit the privacy page of the company.

Which gives you results faster? running ads or without running ads

Obviously, running ads will give results faster as it can reach many people in less time as compared to organic marketing. People are spending millions of their money on advertisements in order to get results.


In order to make some money on the Internet, you don’t have to sell your soul to advertisers. There are plenty of things that you can do in order to earn a bit of income, including selling your own products and services, offering free services as an affiliate, or even accepting donations/tips from your visitors.

Whatever service or product you choose to provide, providing an ad-free experience can be a great way to attract new customers who are looking for exactly that, and it will set your website apart in a very positive way.

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