Browse the Internet Anonymously: The Definite Guide (2023)

Today I am going to show you how you can browse the Internet anonymously.

I know in the technology world it becomes impossible to browse anonymously, But there are first steps we can take to be anonymous online.

And in this guide, I’ve explained simple steps you can follow immediately.

In the comprehensive guide, I will cover:

Why online anonymity is important?

Why online anonymity is important
Why online anonymity is important

You might think, you can do anything on the Internet and can’t be caught because you feel you are anonymous. But you will be surprised that your all activities are tracked and big tech companies know what you do on the Internet.

Now you might ask me “Aniket I only use my Internet then how can be I be hacked or tracked?”

In reply, I will say that nobody is anonymous unless you take proper measures which I’m going to explain in this article. Whenever you use the Internet from anywhere your IP address will track you and various social media channels can track you for their own benefits.

So your online anonymity becomes important if you love your privacy like me.

Scary Hacking Statistics you did not know

Do you know you can be hacked with any type of electronic device?

But, I know you can be hacked anytime with any device.

In Today’s World with the increase in the technology sector hackers also update themselves in order to cope with new trends. You have to be smart enough otherwise you can be the next person to be on Newspaper headlines.


You will be surprised to know the scary hacking statistics which you probably didn’t know. It will be more clear to you if I show it in the picture. According to

Hey, we go!

Cyber breaches are scary
Cyber breaches are scary

Simple steps to stay anonymous online?

If you think you are rich then you have everything to buy anything in the world but still, you are missing one thing which probably you don’t have and that is anonymity online. Yes, you can’t ignore this because if you love your privacy then should know the importance of this.

Fair to say, If you can dominate the internet then you master any art.

Now here are a few steps you can take today to be anonymous on Internet today:

  1. Tor browser
  2. Use a VPN
  3. Avoid Public Wi-Fi
  4. Be mindful of cookies
  5. Use a secure E-mail provider
  6. Use your Web browser’s private mode
  7. Considering changing your browser
  8. Use I2P

1. Tor Browser

Friends, Go for the Tor browser, you wonder why I am saying this as the Tor browser is a browser that makes you anonymous.

Tor browser is also known as onion browser. As onion has layers same as Tor browsers have its layers based on anonymity. It hides your IP address and protects you from hackers hacking your data.

So using Tor browsers makes you anonymous, so what are you waiting for change your browser and be safe.

Well, if you go through how Tor works, you will become crazy to know how many steps they follow to protect your data, firstly your data is wrapped with layers to be encrypted, then it’s routed through a relay system and this process continues.

Each time it goes through Nords networks your data will be encrypted and in the following process your previous encrypted data is removed and this process continues till Exit Node. Each time Nords decrypt enough data for location only for the following process.

It’s a perfect browser if you want to be anonymous.

How To use the Tor browser?

  1. Search tor browser and install that browser depending on your softwareSearch tor browser and install that browser dependes on your software
  2. Now you can enjoy Tor Browser for an amazing experienceNow you can enjoy Tor browser

2. Use a VPN

One of the best famous methods you can opt to become anonymous on the Internet is using a VPN. VPN will help you in hiding your IP address and location from your ISP and online sites. Also, it will help to unblock sites & content on streaming sites that are not available in your region.

Features of having a Good VPN

  1. Must have a good refund policy so that you can try and if you don’t like the service you are still eligible for getting a refund
  2. Must be fast on multiple servers
  3. Strong Encryption
  4. Secure VPN protocols

Note: Don’t fall for free VPNs, Always go for paid VPNs as they have large databases as compared to free VPNs

3. Avoid Public WI-Fi

Surprising! But it is a fact whenever you use Public Wi-Fi then you are inviting hackers to hack your data. Hackers always have an eye on public Wi-Fi.

So it better don’t be trapped by free Wi-Fi as this free Wi-fi can cost you huge losses and you will regret that.

If you want to use Public Wi-Fi then must use a VPN with it. VPN allows you to hide your identity as your IP address is linked to that location which you set in the VPN application so it becomes difficult for hackers to hack that.

Don't use Public Wi-Fi
Don’t Use Public Wi-Fi

4. Be mindful of cookies

Always delete cookies if necessary because cookies are used to store your login information, Payment information, etc. However, it is necessary to log in to some websites but cookies track all the activities that you are doing online.

Although cookies make your life easier by saving your browsing history but by saving little time can cause you trouble if you log in to Unsecured websites.

How To disallow cookies

  1. Go to settings and click on security & privacyGo to settings and click on security & privacy
  2. Then click on cookies and other site data and click on Block all cookiesThen click on cookies and other site data and click on Block all cookies

5. Use a secure E-mail provider

You guys probably don’t know that the Goggle product that is Gmail tracks your activities that what you do, what you browse and that is why you see so many ads from them. I know you have to work on emails due to office commitments. But on a personal basis, you can try Proton Mail

As Proton Mail doesn’t track your activities. It makes your mail encrypted which means it doesn’t use for its own benefit. It makes you anonymous.

Proton Mail
Proton Mail

6. Use your web browser’s private mode

When you use Google chrome then your activities are tracked by what you browse through this, but there is also another option that you can use and that is an incognito window in google chrome it will do wonders for you as your browsing history doesn’t get saved and it also hides your id address.

Once you shut down your device your application which is opened on the incognito window will be closed.

Incognito window
Incognito window

7. Considering changing your browser

You have used Google a lot and I know you are used to it, But if I am talking about privacy You shouldn’t be using Google as it collects the data of the users and ultimately compromises your data through ads. If you love your privacy then go for DuckDuckGo as it does not track your data. It makes you anonymous

DuckDuck go does not collect the user’s data although it is not a big company like google if you are concerned with privacy then go for it.

So friends it will give you space from seeing any advertisements.


7. Use I2p

Invisible Internet Project is anonymous which allows users to be anonymous. It is not as famous as the Tor browser but it has also a good number of users. It allows users to be in a safer mode in terms of privacy. It also enables to sending of messages in a group through different nodes

So mates you should go for I2p which protects your privacy from the advertisers and makes your life easy in terms of privacy.


Is Using Tor Browser is safe?

Yes, Tor Browser is safe to use as long as you don’t use it for gambling, theft, serious crimes, etc. Tor browser is a browser that is used to hide your address and doesn’t save your browser results, so in short, it is safe to use if you use this in a legal manner.

How to know you have been hacked?

1.) When randomly messages are sent from your phone without your knowledge
2.) Amount is debited without your knowledge
3.) Personal information is shared

How to avoid the situation of being hacked?

There are some points that you need to figure out when you are hacked
1.) Always keep your phone with yourself
2.) Always lock your phone
3.) Keep your phone notifications off.
4.) Don’t share personal information with strangers

Is using a VPN is legal?

VPN is legal to use as long as you don’t use it for the purpose of gambling, theft, or other serious crimes, etc. VPN is a connection between you and the internet it acts as a medium that helps you in hiding your IP add


Guys, I know You get an idea that how Online anonymity is important for you and I hope you will do certain changes to your usage of the Internet so that you would not face any problems in the future I know you are all very serious about your privacy like me. So I hope my article has given some value to you.

I will more than happy if you give your suggestions on this and if you query then write it down in the comment section.

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