How To Watch Coraline On Netflix 2023: Working Guide

Coraline is a fantastic movie that really deserves the title of “cult classic”. Are you looking for a way to watch Coraline on Netflix? Couldn’t find it on Netflix, most people facing the same due to Netflix geoblocks. Don’t worry you’ve come to the right place to know how to watch Coraline on Netflix easily.

Is Coraline (2009) on Netflix?

Short in time? Here is a quick guide for you:

  1. Download and Install NordVPN, to unblock Netflix.
  2. Connect to any server in Canada or Japan.
  3. Open Netflix and search for Coraline.
  4. Enjoy streaming Coraline.
Is Coraline (2009) on Netflix?

Coraline (2009): Outline

GenreAnimated Dark Fantasy Horror Film
DirectorHenry Selick
ProducersBill Mechanic, Claire Jennings, Henry Selick, and Mary Sandell
WriterNeil Gaiman
DistributorFocus Features
ProductionLaika and Pandemonium Films
Budget$60 million
Box Office$124.6 million
Running Time100 minutes
Release DateFebruary 5, 2009 (Portland International Film Festival) and February 6, 2009 (United States)
IMDb Rating7.7⭐
IMDb user reviews231,909 reviews
Nominations46 nominations including an Oscar

Coraline (2009): Synopsis & Trailer

The Official Trailer of Coraline (2009)
The animated movie Coraline is based on the novella of the same name written by Neil Gaiman. It features the voices of some famous personalities like Dakota Fanning, Keith David, Jennifer Saunders, etc. The movie revolves around the story of a girl, Coraline, who is the movie's namesake. Coraline Jones along with her parents move to a new apartment. She faces a lot of problems in adapting to the new place until she finds a small door that opens in a similar parallel world. The story unfolds and unravels Coraline's adventures in the parallel world.

Is Coraline (2009) on Netflix, why it’s not showing on my Netflix?

Coraline is available on Netflix if your Netflix account is not showing the movie title “Coraline” when you searched for it like below.

Is Coraline (2009) on Netflix?

Before you think that there is something wrong with your Netflix or the internet, you should know that you are not able to find this movie there because Netflix doesn’t have the license to stream it there which is called geoblocks.

Coraline (2009) can only be watched in those countries, where Netflix has the streaming license to make it available, and the countries where it is available on Netflix right now include:

  • Canada
  • Japan

Solution Steps To Watch Coraline on Netflix in 2023

  1. Download NordVPN on your device so that you can watch Coraline from anywhere.
  2. Connect to a server from Canada or another country where Coraline is available on Netflix.Connected to Canada Server
  3. Search For Coraline (2009) on Netflix and enjoy watching.Is Coraline (2009) on Netflix?

Best Netflix VPN To Watch Coraline

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Coraline (2009): Cast & Characters

Since Coraline (2009) is an animated movie, so you are only able to hear the voice of some famous personalities. The famous star cast of Coraline makes the movie more worthy of watching and this star cast includes:

CharacterPlayed by
Coraline JonasDakota Fanning
April SpinkJennifer Saunders
Beldam/Mel JonesTeri Hatcher
CatKeith David
Miran Forcible Dawn French
Charlie JonasJohn Hodgman

FAQs Related To Watching Coraline (2009) on Netflix

What is Coraline?

Coraline is a 2009 American animated, dark fantasy horror film that is primarily based on the novella “Coraline” written by Neil Gaiman. This film is directed by Henry Selick and produced by Laika studio. It features the voices of some famous personalities like Dakota Fanning, Keith David, Jennifer Saunders, etc.

Does Netflix have Coraline?

Coraline was available to stream on Netflix in some regions, but it may have been removed since then or may not be available in your Netflix location. Also, it might change at the time of reading so check the region’s availability on uNoGs.

Can children watch Coraline?

Coraline is suitable for adults as it contains some harsh, disturbing, and scary scenes. Also, it has got mild language which is not good for children.

Where can I watch Coraline 2023?

If you are from the US, you cannot watch Coraline. But if you follow the above procedure and switch to a reliable VPN then you will be able to stream the movie. Also, the movie is available for rental on iTunes, Google Play, and in other streaming services.

Final Words

In Conclusion, you can only watch Coraline on Netflix if you are in Japan or Canada. But those who stay outside these regions need a Netflix VPN so you can stream Coraline from anywhere in the world.

You can check other streaming services like Hulu, HBO Max, or Amazon Prime Video to see if it is available there. Additionally, it is possible to find Coraline on some free streaming services,

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