How to clear your Bing history: Step by Step

Bing is a popular search-engine that is used by many to this day. Its visually appealing interface and sleek design is just the tip of the iceberg, despite being overshadowed by famous competitors like Google Chrome and Firefox, it is no rookie. It boasts many helpful features like, image and video search, maps, new and so much more!

However, with the rise of privacy concerns, nobody wants their history tracked by advertising companies or even friends and family who might accidentally stumble upon them. Afterall, what we do on the internet should not be made available for everyone to see, in this article we hope to help you do just that!

⏳ Short on time? Here’s a quick Guide ⏳

  • Step 1: Click the three bars on the top right corner on your Bing Homepage.
  • Step 2: Go to ‘Setting’ and then ‘Search History’
  • Step 3: Sign in to your Microsoft Account.
  • Step 4: Delete everything by clicking ‘Clear all’.
  • Step 5: Enjoy a Clear Bing history!

Why does Bing store my search history?

Bing is a search-engine just like chrome or microsoft edge, it is designed to save all your search history to better optimize and personalize the relevant results, as accurately fashioned after your interests and likes as possible. Along with this, it gets to improved its own algorithm to better suit your personality and get you accurate results.

However, analytics is one purpose where your search history is easily misused, by understanding and identifying the users and their interests in the latest trends, it fits you into a demographic. This information is later used by advertisers and third-parties to bring your personalized ads.

While many users are not affected and find personalized advertisements helpful. Most consider it a breach of their privacy and worry about the misuse of personal data in the long run. That said, we hope this article proves fruitful in helping you clear your Bing search history, may it by specific entries, or the entire thing in a few easy steps;

How To clear my Bing search history?

Clearing or deleting your search history on Bing is not the tedious task that you might think it is, by following these provided steps you should be able to remove all evidence of your past search histories, individually or altogether, make sure you follow each step as directed and double check to be certain you don’t miss any;

  1. Go to the Bing Homepage.

2. Click the menu icon (three Horizontal lines) located at the top right corner.

3. Click on “Settings” and then “Search History” from the options.

4. Sign in to your Microsoft account if prompted.

5. Click on “Clear all” to delete your entire search history, or individually select what you want to delete.

6. Confirm that you want to clear you history by selecting “yes” when prompted.

7. Voila! your history is not deleted!

How can I protect my privacy on Bing?

After understanding why Bing saves your search history, and how to delete it, we come to the segment of the article that will advise you on how to best protect your privacy and security, moving forward. Since deleting the backlog of all your previous activity, is just the beginning, there’s more to privacy and security than you might be familiar with.

Some of the ways you can ensure your online identity is protected and you remain anonymous while surfing the internet on Bing, have been compiled and listed below. These methods will keep you safe and protected, bypass geo-restrictions, and provide you an overall top-notch quality to your browsing experience.

1. By using a VPN:

Using a VPN to browse Bing or any of your preferred web browsers, is the most foolproof method you can adapt, it gives you an impeccable layer of security due to its military grade AES-256 BIT Encryption, that is even used by the NSA to protect their confidential documents!

A VPN (Virtual Private Network) is a tool or an application that is built to encrypt your internet connection and routes it through a server in a different location, since its servers are located all over the world, there are multiple servers located in just as many countries, that can be used as a tunnel for your internet connection.

This procedure replaces your real IP-address to the IP-address of the country in the connected server, allowing you access to that specific countries content, this helps you browse safety and anonymously, and keep your data and privacy secured.

2. By using SmartDNS:

A SmartDNS is a service that provides you the blanket of anonymity in much the same way a VPN would, but while a VPN works for your entire system and all the applications on your device. SmartDNS is more specific to the applications you want to use it for.

It works by routing your DNS traffic through the server of another country or region, allowing you access to not only all the content the location has to offer, but also ensuring you remain completely hidden, however, its services do not come equipped with an encryption like a VPN is, making is slightly risky despite getting the job done.

3. By using a Proxy:

A proxy is often confused with VPNs, however, this could not be further from the truth. Proxy servers, work with your device and the internet by acting as a sort of middle-men between the two, while it can help you bypass geographical restrictions on Bing, tey do not encrypt your information, keeping your data at risk of being exposed.

Proxy servers are volatile compared to a SmartDNS or even a VPN because they can break down and stop working at any moment. Despite this, they are often used as a way to outsmart various online services and get access to the resources you want, since they come cheap.

4. By using a VPN Extension/Add on:

As previously mentioned, VPNs are some of the ways you can get all the services your seeking, safety, security, privacy and anonymity, but for whatever reason if you are not of a mind to download the stand-alone application, you can install the VPN extension for you browser, and explore Bing wit not a worry in sight.

Popular VPNs like NordVPN and ExpressVPN, are already compatible with all your popular web browsers, so there’s nothing to be concerned about. All you will need to do is download the extension from Microsoft, and get access to all the amazing benefits that you world otherwise gain with the stand-alone application.

Best way to stay protected on Bing-

VPNs are easily the most recommended way to access Bing with complete security and anonymity, long gone are the days spent worrying about which advertisement companies or third parties have access to your personal information, by using a VPN you can be certain your online identity, search history, and all your data remains under consistent protection.

When it comes to VPNs, we recommend NordVPN, unlike other VPNs in the market with their set of strengths, NordVPN is one such VPN that covers all aspects of a premium browsing experience, providing you with the perfect package.

A VPN paired with your Bing web browser will help you access geo-blocked content from any country of your choice, by enlisting a new IP-address to you, this is what will ultimately help you keep your trace of the internet, letting you control who has access to your private search history or your personal data!

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How do VPNs hide your browsing history?

When you use your internet on Bing or any other search-engine without a VPN, the connection is not as secured and is managed by a weaker encryption then a VPN. This makes it easier for your ISPs, the government and third-parties to track your activities.

Due to a VPNs sophisticated AES-256 BIT Encryption, all your information and data will be safety hidden from all and any organizations. While your unique set of ip- address can be detected, nobody can see the content your accessesing, only the size of traffic that it generates.

Premium VPNs also feature a strict no logs policy. This means not only will a VPN hide your information while your on Bing or any of your preferred web browsers, but it will also not keep any data logs of your activities. You can read up on a VPNs privacy policy for additional reassurance.

This effectively allows a VPN to hide your future Bing search history, However, if your Microsoft account is signed in, your searched activities will still be saved on your Microsoft profile. For 100% anonymity, it is advised to either sign out or use incognito mode.

In Conclusion:

In today’s digital age, ensuring the security of your online activities is our own personal responsibility, since depending on the internet alone to keep your personal information private and safe is impractical.

A huge number of advertising companies and marketers buy your personal information through all the searches you make on your browsers, this information can then be sold by your ISP to these very companies, while all the stated methods are effective, A VPN is definitely more effective out of all.

This guide is meant to inform and educate, and in no way condones illegal or unethical practises, We hope that you find solace in being a little more protected today than you were yesterday, and all your future endeavors can now be explored in a much safer environment.

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