How to get Netflix subscription cheaper in 2024

As you know Netflix is all the rage when it comes to a capable and reliable streaming service that can provide you an immense range of movies, shows, documentaries and even television all in one place, not to mention its advanced algorithm that is built to detect what you like so as to offer you a personalized selection.

How to get Netflix subscription cheaper in 2024

Even so, it gets tiring having to pay exorbitant prices for your Netflix subscriptions, imagine if we told you that there was a way for you to get your Netflix subscriptions on a budget? you can read that again, because it is definitely possible, we have assimilated all the ways to make that dream a reality-

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  1. Subscribe to a reliable VPN like NordVPN.
  2. Download and Install the client.
  3. Connect to the server of your choice.
  4. Enjoy discounted access to Netflix!

Why am I unable to access Netflix?

Netflix is a stunning platform built for streaming purposes. It is the most popular service for showcasing movies on a paid subscription, this makes it extremally sought after. With a significant range of movies and shows in its immense library bursting with amazing selections, Netflix offers multiple genres of content in just as many languages.

In the case that Netflix seems out of reach for an average person like you and me, what are we to do? Well, we can always read up on articles just like this one to understand and find out its cause.

Therefore, we have gathered and compiled a list of possible reasons as to why you might be facing this conundrum in the first place. We hope to offer you alternative solutions, so that you may access Netflix, so stay put and don’t go anywhere just yet!, read on to find out more.

1. Geo-Restrictions:

Starting strong with one of the most common reason why a website, like Netflix is inaccessible, is due to geo-Restrictions imposed by the government. These rules differ depending on your region, Netflix would then automatically restrict certain content that violates the licensing agreement placed upon them.

Nevertheless, it is not the entire Netflix application that will blocked, only the specific content that is limited. Ensuring that you can still use the service, with all of its approved safe for viewing options that your country allows.

Despite this, it can be quiet infuriating being limited to pre-selected options made for you, rather than having the liberty to pick and choose what you want to watch. Fortunately, this can be fixed easily by the use of a VPN (more on that later!).

2. Payment issues or Expired account:

This is to be our main topic of interest for the article, often when there are issues with the details you have entered for your Netflix subscription, can cause the website to halt your services until the problem has been resolved, this can be connected to your credit card being declined or simply your subscription expiring.

All you will need to do to correct this issues, is to check your payment method and ensure all your details are correctly entered, Additionally, make routinely check-ins about the subscription status to be up-to-date on it validity, so you can be sure of what is causing the problem.

Using a reliable VPN like NordVPN, can also help you in getting a cheaper rate for your monthly subscription. This can be done by switching to a region where the Netflix offers lower prices!

3. IP-Banned:

As with most websites, it is possible for Netflix to IP-ban users who are detected of violating the website’s terms of service. In addition, if you are suspected of any malicious or harmful activity that can be traced to your IP-address, then your account is automatically terminated.

While it is not a common occurrence, being that its very difficult to break the rules and regulations of the website, it is not impossible, however, if you are unjustly faced with this situation you can either contact Netflix’s Customer support system for assistance or use a VPN to bypass their IP-restrictions.

To remain informed and educated fur future purposes, it is advised that you go through the terms and conditions of Netflix at least once, so as to avoid further mishaps.

4. Compatibility issues:

Netflix is compatible with almost all new-generation devices, However, on the off-chance that you seem to be using the application on an outdated version or one that simply does not meet the streaming platforms requirements, it is possible for you to exprience difficulty in accessing Netflix.

This can be fixed by checking your device compatibility before-hand to ensure that it works smoothly while you attempt to access Netflix. If it does not, its time to get a different device or upgrade the one you have.

The same can be said for your browsers. If they haven’t been updated for a while, it is likely that you will exprience problems while trying to use Netflix. You may notice bugs or glitches that will prevent you access to the service. If the issue persists after you update your bowser to the latest version, contact Netflix’s customer support service.

5. Banned by your Work\School network administrator.

If your trying to use Netflix on your school facilitated devices or your workplace internet, be warned, that they are known to block entertainment-oriented services to maintain productivity and ensure that employees and students alike focus on their work tasks and studies respectively.

You can override this by using your personal devices or switch to a different network, However, if you are unable to do so, be cautious and informed on your institution’s policies before attempting to bypass their imposed restrictions. Using VPNs can be a great choice for those looking to find a quick and easy solution while remaining anonymous.

How can I gain complete access to Netflix?

Netflix gets you top-notch services, in exchange for equally top-quality content, all at the price of a monthly fee, making it one of the best platforms for streaming services, However, this experience can be rendered useless if you find yourself unable to enjoy its humongous library of movies and tv-shows due to location-restrictions.

Say, your travelling or moving to a new place abroad, it can be infuriating having to find out that the show you were watching isn’t available for your current country, causing you heaps of tension in figuring out the different ways to make the content accessible to you.

Which is why in this article we hope to bring all your tensions to an end, and share some of the different ways you can use to access the application. These methods have been tested and approved to provide you the cream of the crop Netflix experience, and will have you binging on your favorite shows in no time!

1. Use a VPN:

By far, the most recommended methods for accessing geo-blocked content is by the use of VPN or a (Virtual Private Network). These services are designed and engineered for the very purpose of providing you access to blocked content while ensuring your remain safe and secure, with an extra layer of privacy that is possible due to VPNs ability of masking your IP-address.

When your using a VPN, your internet connection is encrypted and routed through the server of a completely different location or region – one in which Netflix is available in, making it appear as if your viewing content from that very country!

This not only helps you gain access to Netflix but also allows you access to any other website of your choice, making it an incredibly reliable and dependable tool to have. One of the most popular VPN services for first time users is NordVPN.

2. Use a Proxy Service:

This is the least popular choice for bypassing restrictions imposed on Netflix, since it has many setbacks compared to using a VPN or SmartDNS. While it follows the same manner of routing your internet connection through a different server to provide you the content you seek, it does not encrypt your internet traffic.

Encryption is a vital feature, since it helps mask your identity from your ISP, third-parties or even the Government, without it, your location and identity is comprised making it unreliable. Proxy services are known to buffer while providing you streaming services, unlike the high-quality Netflix viewing experience you receive by the use of VPNs.

Lastly, they barely get the job done, and is highly risky and unreliable, further making it the least secure option for your Netflix accessing requirements.

3. Use a SmartDNS:

SmartDNS is another excellent method for accessing Netflix, although a bit underrated, it is known to excel and provide numerous advantages over the services provided by proxies and very rarely, even VPNs (only in terms of speed).

With SmartDNS you can bypass geo-restrictions set on almost any website, including Netflix, to access content from any corner of the world. The way it works, is by redirecting your DNS queries to a server in a country were Netflix is found to be available in, tricking them into believing your accessing from that country.

Unlike VPNS that are known to slightly buffer and slow your internet speeds, SmartDNS does not slow down your internet connection speeds, additionally, it provides streaming services with high-definition quality.

However, it does not encrypt your internet connection like a VPN would, making it extremally fast yet just as unreliable and less secure.

4. Use a VPN Extension:

Using a VPN Extension for unlocking Netflix is a convenient method for those who would rather use their browser instead of downloading a stand-alone VPN application, mostly used by PC and Laptop users alike, with VPN extensions or add-ons you get the same services you would with a VPN, only this time specific to your browser.

VPN extensions work well and are compatible to all the popular web-browsers, some of the services include, NordVPN, ExpressVPN and SurfsharkVPN. Nevertheless they do not offer the same level of security and privacy features found in stand-alone VPN applications, and can potentially stop or buffer while streaming.

This is why it is recommended that you download and install a VPN service to properly enjoy all its prized benefits of security, reliability, faster connection speeds and anonymity.

Best way to gain access to Netflix (and get cheaper subscription rates!):

Utilizing a VPN is by far the most optimal way of accessing Netflix wit ease. A VPN provides swift connection speeds, stead-fast servers, high-quality streaming content, and heightened security which establishes them as a superior option with minimal drawbacks and astounding features that will provide you with a premium Netflix experience.

The ability to change your virtual location, encrypt your internet connection, and gain access to Netflix is not only useful for bypassing geo-graphical restrictions, but also for obtaining cheaper rates for your monthly Netflix subscriptions.

The trick behind it is, you use a VPN service, and change it to a location that offers considerably lowered subscription plans. This is possible because Netflix pricing varies region by region, and by doing this you can get away with paying dead cheap rates

The best part is, that you wont even need to create new account, you could simply renew your subscription plan for the current one!. All in all proving just how essential VPNs are as a tool to enhance your Netflix viewing experience~

Countries offering cheap Netflix subscription rates-

(susceptible to change over time)

Country Rates
TurkeyBasic Plan:$4.85/month, Standard Plan:$6.35/month, Premium Plan:$8.65/month
Brazil Basic Plan:$4.85/month, Standard Plan:$6.35/month, Premium Plan:$8.65/month
PakistanBasic Plan:$5.70/month, Standard Plan:$9.00/month, Premium Plan:$11.10/month
UkraineBasic Plan:$6.35/month, Standard Plan:$8.20/month, Premium Plan:$11.20/month
Mexico Basic Plan:$7.00/month, Standard Plan:$9.90/month, Premium Plan:$13.40/month

1. NordVPN – Best VPN for Netflix –

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NordVPN is perfect for Netflix lovers, it will help you gain access to its vast library of content from any corner of the world, with an outstanding network of over 5,500 servers in 60 countries. NordVPN is sure to provide you the utmost reliable and impeccable services for your streaming requirements.

it has a ton of excellent features, but one that shine the most is its ability bypass geo-graphical restrictions, this is possible thanks to its “Smart Play” technology, that makes it easier for NordVPN to break through all of Netflix’s pesky and infuriating VPN blockers, ultimately ensuring you access to any content of your choice.

Moreover, NordVPN also prides itself in its blazing fast connection speeds due to its very own NordLynx protocol. NordLynx protocol is known to be considerably faster than Wire Guard protocol, giving you a seamless streaming experience with legit no lags or buffering to be found!

Lastly, NordVPNs intuitive inter-face is user-friendly and built for a huge range of operating systems, like Android, Windows, MacOS, IOS. You name it, with its “Quick Connect” feature you will be automatically connected to the faster servers amiable for your region and experience the digital world unlock with a few clicks.

NordVPN offers a strict, 30-day- money-back guarantee, that will yield a response/refund in only 1-2 days, and along with it a fascinating 24/7 live-chat customer support system, in case you’re experiencing any problems, all of it at your beck and call.


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For more information, check out our detailed NordVPN Review.

Is the usage of VPNs legal?

In most countries, the use of VPNs is legal, and posses no real legal recourse. However, this doesn’t mean that all countries are as lenient, countries such as: China, Iran, and North Korea, heavily regulate the use of VPNs mostly because of its ability to provide access to government-sanctioned content.

While VPNs offer internet security and privacy to users online identity, it the access to possible copy-right or government-restricted content, that gets it in the hot waters to begin with. To avoid legal consequences, stay informed on your countries laws and regulations regarding VPNs.

With that being said, using it VPNs for Netflix is legal and a far cry from breaking any major laws, so to make sure you get the best service there is, its only fair you get it by the best VPN service to boot, which is why we recommend NordVPN. Its is known to provide advanced security features, strict no logs policy and lightning fast connections.


Can I use a Free VPN to access Netflix?

No, While it is possible to use a free VPN to access Netflix, it is extremally rare, and a danger to your security, this is because almost all free VPN services sell your data to third-parties, and are also known to stop working half-way, which compromises your identity to your Government and your ISP. We advice against it.

Can I use a VPN to get a cheaper Netflix subscription?

Yes, it is possible to get lowered subscription rates for Netflix by connecting to a region where the subscription is cheap, however, such a practice is considered unethical, even if it may not be entirely illegal, so use it with caution and be aware of the risks by being informed on your countries laws and regulations as well as Netflix’s Terms of services.

Can Gift cards and Promo codes offer Discount rates for Netflix?

Yes, it is not unheard of to use store bought gift cards or even promotional offers to get a huge discount on your subscription deals, it is one of the safer options for getting a lowered subscription for your Netflix, but since the practice is rare and demands specific conditions, it is often cast aside for more quicker methods, i:e; VPNs

Will a VPN slow down my Netflix streaming speed?

No, it is rare for VPNs to slow down your connection speeds, NordVPN is known to provide highly-optimized and extremally fast connection speeds for your streaming purposes, with minimal to no-lags. The closer the server is to your country, the faster the service.

What should I do if my VPN is blocked by Netflix?

In the unfortunate case that your VPN is somehow blocked by Netflix, and isn’t allowing you access, you can try connecting to a different server, or even switch up your VPN provider. We recommend NordVPN, because its unlikely to exprience this issue with their vast majority of dedicated and optimized servers. NordVPN is designed to provide reliable streaming and access to geo-blocked content for your leisure.


To summarize, we urge you to use a VPN suc as NordVPN, for not only your security and privacy requirements, but also gaining access to geo-blocked content. Whether it’s for a huge library or discounted subscription rates for your Netflix, VPNs are your go-to fix in a nutshell.

We have researched and gathered the exact list of countries, as of 2013, that will get you cheap rates for you subscription, mainly Turkey, Brazil, Pakistan, Ukraine and Mexico. However, we advise you to exercise caution and educate yourself on your countries laws and regulation regarding VPNs as well as Netflix’s Team of services so as to avoid any potential legal consequences in your future.

it is essential to note, that this article does not condone unethical or illegal activities. It is solely intended to be informative and guide you to the many possible solutions available on the internet. Ultimately, your actions and its consequences are your responsibility.

We wish you a safe streaming experience!

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